Integrated Aesthetic Medicine


AESTETICAMED specializes in slimming, toning, and localized fat reduction.

Weight loss, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive journey that encompasses the entire body. Aesteticamed achieves this through collaboration with the Dietology Team from the Nutrizione Prevenzione medical center.

The reduction of localized fat and the slimming of the silhouette are predominantly aesthetic concerns, whereas weight loss is a journey primarily aimed at improving an individual's health.

To ensure maximum results safely, both slimming and weight loss should be approached with the guidance and expertise of a specialized physician, preferably through a team approach.

This unique synergistic approach developed between Aesteticamed and the Nutrizione Prevenzione medical center is what sets their offering apart.


Among the slimming treatments and for the reduction of localized fat, Aesteticamed offers:

  • CRYOFIT Protocol See
  • Medical Cryolipolysis
  • Medical Radiofrequency
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • Manual massages (physiotherapist or beautician)
  • High-flow Carboxytherapy
  • High-intensity magnetic electrostimulator EMSCULPT®
  • Endoshape
  • Duoshape
  • Vacoulase

LEGAL TRUST CONTRACT: Through a proper legal agreement, Aesteticamed takes the responsibility to reimburse the entire amount spent if the Cryofit protocol for localized fat reduction does not result in any reduction of the circumferences of the treated areas, unless there's a weight gain measured 70 days after the treatment.

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Recommended for localized fat deposits that are more difficult to eliminate.

It uses the simultaneous application of magnetic fields and surface currents to maximize the aesthetic result and maintain excellent blood flow to the skin during treatment (Cryoliposculpt®).

It can treat localized fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, and under the chin.

Listen to the video testimonials from people who have tried CRYOFIT for localized fat reduction.


For weight loss, Aesteticamed relies on the solutions proposed by the Nutrizione Prevenzione medical center:

  • Medical nutritional consultation
  • "LYRA-FIT" protocol, pharmacologically assisted weight loss program (Saxenda, Liraglutide 3mg) See
  • Programs for the treatment of Eating Disorders


LYRA-FIT is the innovation that revolutionises slimming, with fast and safe results. Recently approved by the European Health Authorities and by the FDA in the USA as early as 2015, it is designed to accompany patients on their weight-loss journey through the use of authorised and highly safe drugs. The goal is to reach your ideal weight quickly and then replace the use of the drug with better lifestyles that maintain the weight loss achieved.

Start now and transform your life with LYRA-FIT.

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